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ID40 Author's design 4-room apartment rental elite RC "House by the Sea" Krestovsky island St-Petersburg


AUTHOR'S DESIGN 4-ROOM APARTMENT FOR RENT ELITE RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX 74, MARTYNOVA EMB. KRESTOVSKY ISLAND ST-PETERSBURG Author's design 4-room apartment with panoramic windows and a terrace for lease in the elite residential complex "House by the Sea" conveniently situated at Krestovsky Island at 74, Martinova Embankment, total area 176m2, author's design renovation, classical style, furniture, built-in kitchen, all the household equipment, independent heating system, boiler, water filters, heated floor, high-speed Internet, satellite TV, Intercom system, 24/7 security, underground parking, perfect infrastructure, 10 min walk from the metro station "Krestovsky Island". Night Sky Realty +7 (812) 333 15 15,

Type of property :
District :
Address :
Martynova Emb. 74
Metro station :
Krestovsky Ostrov
Distance from metro :
10 min.
Type of house :
elite residential complex
Floors :
2 / 5
Lift :
Total size :
Number of rooms :
Number of bedroom :
Size by rooms :
40m2 living area + kitchen; 23m2 bedroom; 23m2 bedroom; 20m2 bedroom ou study
Number of bathroom :
Bathrooms comments :
2 bathrooms | bath, shower cubicle
Renovation :
author`s design
Furniture :
classic style
Equipment :
all the household equipment, boiler, water filters, heated floor, high-speed Internet, satellite TV
Security :
Intercom, security, secured territory
Parking :
underground parking
Number of parking spaces :
Infrastructure :
perfect infrastructure
Rent rate :
2 860 €/month | 210 000 rub/month | 3 240 $/month
Comment to a lease term :
including everything with the exception of electricity
Search parameters :
luxury 4-room apartment for rent St-Petersburg, rent 4-room apartment in the elite residential complex "House by the Sea" Krestovsky Island St-Petersburg, author's design 4-room apartment for lease in the elite RC Krestovsky Island St-Petersburg


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